5 Bold Red Lipsticks To Empower Your Front Tooth

A dollop of creamy lipstick splattered across your tooth is the perfect pick-me-up.

Reductress. January 2019. 

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Woman Deletes Instagram Story Prompting Speculation That She Fucked Up the Cake She Was Baking

I think we all deserve an answer. 

Reductress. January 2018. 



5 Elegant Lace Curtains That Let In Natural Light and the Sneaking Suspicion You’re Being Watched

These curtains will perfectly complement your decor and intermittent bouts of paranoia.

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Drunk Woman Eating Pizza Feels Really Good About Supporting Local Business

Oh my god, I looooooove this place!!!

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‘I Couldn’t Imagine Living Outside the City,’ Says Woman Who Only Leaves Her Apartment Once a Week

I simply couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Reductress. December 2017.